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4/28/21 3:41 AM

Episode 85: All Joking, All the Time w/Trent

Dr. Lair's Secretorium, MTGO and MTGA, Channel Fireball

4/21/21 4:12 AM

Episode 84: The Short Bogle and Mr. Beast

Mr. Beast Challenge, MTGO and Arena updates, No more Early Access

4/14/21 3:29 AM

Episode 83: Links Got Jacked

PSA Suspends services, CFBGroup, MagiKids Charity event

3/31/21 3:00 AM

Episode 82: Professor G Schools a Bogle

Strixhaven Preview Season, Crux of Fate Art

3/24/21 3:45 AM

Episode 81: Urza is a Stripper

Arena Announcement, Strixhaven Teaser, NFT

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