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10/21/20 2:00 AM

Episode 59: Euro Users

State of the Arena, Legend Hints, Extra Lives SL

10/14/20 12:20 AM

Episode 58: Omnath was Heaventy-Five Percent

B&R updates, Grand Finals Weekend, Commander Legends Delays

10/7/20 4:50 AM

Episode 57: Time Zones: the Podcast (and MTG news)

CFB Clash, TWD:SL, a new survey

10/1/20 12:05 AM

Episode 56: Secret Lair TWD Discussion

B&R, Secret Lair TWD, Dragon Shield Podcast

9/23/20 2:45 AM

Episode 55: Scutes and Metal and Arena, OH MY!

More Magic Metal, State of Arena, Charbelcher

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