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8/5/20 3:46 AM

Episode 48: SURPRISE! A B&R Happened!

PT Finals, Surprise B&R, Wrath of God Spike

8/5/20 3:00 AM

A Little Bit of 2XM Discussion

Lockheed of Magic Financial Aid joins us to talk to about 2XM

7/29/20 3:40 AM

Episode 47: CMC of Exile Everything

Gen-Con@Home, Set Boosters, Double Masters Buy-a-Box

7/23/20 10:00 AM

Interview w/ creator Jonathan Rowny!

@SpellTable interview! CommandFest 2

7/22/20 4:05 AM

Episode 46: We're about dad jokes and air horns

Esports update, Gen-Con Magic, #MTG2XM

7/15/20 2:30 AM

Episode 45: Selling Kidneys for Magic Cards

Legendary Lands, In-Store Suspension reinstated, New card grading service

7/8/20 3:30 AM

Episode 44: Bad News for Pioneer?

Leaked Nissa? CFB Switchs, Bad news for Pioneer?

7/2/20 4:50 AM

Episode 43: JB; maybe a Psychic Bogle?

State of the Game, Plushies, MTGMelee Update

6/24/20 3:00 AM

Episode 42: JB and Arena

WoTC cuts ties with two Artists, Arena on Mac and Release notes

6/18/20 4:30 AM

Episode 41: Time Zones, Man

WoTC article on racism, Players Tour Online, Eventlink update

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