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#28 -Did Danny Get Coronaed?

Events getting cancelled and new Secert Lair!

Episode Notes

Hey! Hello! Thank you for joining us for another week. Oh boy do we have news this week for ya'll. Make sure to check out all the links to see all the information we used in this episode. Also follow us on all the socials and find Danny so he can tell you his predictions for Chandra Spellbook.

LINKS Ya'll need to read this one for sure! Corona and the Magic market, MagicFest rescheduling, SCG cancels, FETCHLANDS!, Release video

DECK OF THE WEEK Inverters Grace

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New BnR update, State of Arena, Chandra Spellbook?

Episode Notes

Interesting shake ups are afoot in the wolrd of MTG. Thank you for choosing us to inform you about them! Here are the links of the topics we talked about today. Make sure to follow us on all the socials and tell us what we can do to improve! Thank you everyone!

LINKS Chandra Spellbook, Fetchlands, Full Foil list Mystery Booster, State of Arena


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#26 -Danny Doesn't Like Infect

Magic: Legends, WPN perks and new D&D book

Episode Notes

HELLLOO EVERYONE! Thank you again for joining us for another week of MTG news!And, boy, was there some news this week. Links are in the description as always. Don't forget to follow us on all the socials, and follow JB as he just set up his own FB account. He should be doing some fun posting. Thank you so very much!

LINKS: SCG Regionals , Magic Legends video, WPN benefits ,

DECK OF THE WEEK: Modern budget 8 rack

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#25 -Papa Bogle

Tiny decks, Dana winning money at a GP, and a bunch of others

Episode Notes

JB is now Papa Bogle! Dana Fischer youngest prize money winner for a GP, Ikoria Commander decks named?! So much news has come to us this week! Thank you for joining us, and don't forget to send us feedback on how we can improve this podcast.

LINKS Seb Kickstarter Tiny Decks Jumpstart Dana Fischer

DECK OF THE WEEK Fires of the Dragon-God

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#24 -A Couple of Schmucks and a Pod Puppy

Worlds Champion, Challenger decks, Ikoria Planeswalkers

Episode Notes

Another week in the books! Thank you for joining us! Good product information came out this weekend. Here are the links so you can get the full details on everything we talked about today. Make sure to follow us on all the socials and let us know how we are doing. We strive to be your news podcast of all thing MTG!

LINKS Hasbro 2019 report 2020 Challenger Decks MTGO weekly updates


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#23 -JB and his Bogles

State of Arena, Data withheld and Oracle

Episode Notes

Another week at it! Thanks for joining us as we continue to inform you about the world of Magic: The Gathering. Make sure to follow us on all the socials and send us an email to give us feedback to help improve the podcast.

LINKS! State of Arena for February Drive to Work Deck of the Week

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#22 -All Alone like Swedish Sultai

Quick lonley episode talking about PT Brussels and Nagoya

Episode Notes

Quick episode with just myself. I'll get more info in here tomorrow because I am super tired!

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#21 -Finance From Dummies

Getting our footing on how to do this thing!

Episode Notes

Thank you for joining us as we continue to improve and bring you news about our favorite hobby, Magic: The Gathering! We talk card prices, Players Tour points and the new Creator Program. Any questions, comments, or stuff like that hit us up on Facebook, Twitter or Gmail.


NEWS: Players Tour Points Creator Program #findyourchampion MAGIC SURVEY. Please Fill this out to help WoTC keep improving MagicFest New Jersey Pioneer top cut

DECK OF THE WEEK: Izzet Scissors

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#20 -I'm Not a Whale

Talking about the New Drop Series

Episode Notes

Welcome back to This Week in MTG! We got some MTGO Modern and Pioneer challenge winners to inform you about, some good finance, new Secret Lair and artist selling art.

Past Events: Prelims and Challenge lists: [Pioneer] ( and Modern

News: ChannelFireball Events format update


Tournament Rules Updates here

Secret Lair: Year of the Rat

The Akroan War Art (Not mentioned in the episode because I messed up with recording)

Deck of the Week: Vampire Budget

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#19 -The Crown Thief gets the ban hammer, again!!

Talking new news

Episode Notes

This Week in MTG there was big announcements in the B&R list, Magic: Arena State of the Game and more info on Magic: Legends. Don't forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter where we will do our best to be posting updates and fun stuff. Check out the links below that we mentioned in the podcast.

Episode Links:

Soul Sisters Deck by Emma Partlow

The GameInformer Show Magic: Legends podcast

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