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#38 -#ShmuckswithMics

#37 -CommandFest Online

B&R, RedBull Untapped, Love Your LGS, The Arena Open

Episode Notes

A whirlwind of a news week we had! B&R updates, a new way to play competitive Magic on Arena, and WoTC giving LGS's more kicks backs to generate revenue! I for one was super hyped for all the news we got this week. As always, hit us up with any questions, comments, concerns. We want to hear your feedback so we can improve to be your one stop for all news in Magic: the Gathering.


Banned and Restricted

New WoTC Survey

CommandFest Online

The Arena Open

Love Your LGS

DECK OF THE WEEK Grixis Faries

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#36 -Mr. Moneybags Danny

Ultra Pro, MTGStocks, Wizards making more content

Episode Notes

Hey, hello! Thank you for joining us for this lovely week of news and Magic. Please check out all these links of awesome stuff!


More content!

Wizard content

Weekly MTG

Full Historic

Ultra Pro



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#35 -The "Better Late Then Never" Episode

Arena news, Dreamhack postpones, Hasbro earnings

Episode Notes

We are truly sorry about the delay with the release of this episode. But, better late then never! Here we are at it again for another week of news! Buckle up and enjoy!


Redbull Untapped

SCG prerelease party

CFB opens warehouse

Arena News

Hasbro Earnings

WPN suspensions

Weekly MTGO update


Naya Hero

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#34 -Doom Your Depths

No more Planeswalker points, Gyruda fixed

Episode 34 Show Notes

Another week, another episode! To start this off, please forgive the mic moving noises, Danny had a hard time with touching it. With that, thank you for joining us today. We had a bit more fun recording this one and hopefully you enjoyed this one. We appreciate any and all forms of feedback, so send some our way! Or send in an email to ask a question or make a comment. Go give JB a follow on the socials and make him post more! Thank you all for listening.


Big Nick's Legacy event

Gyruda MTGO fixed (read some these comments)

Manatraders tournament,

Official Godzilla Lands

Planeswalker Points Sunsetting

MTGStocks, TCGSniper


Danny's Life Gain




JB's Facebook

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#33 -Upside Down Mics

TCGPlayer unionizing, Make-A-Wish and WoTC

Episode Notes

Back at it again everyone! Thank you for checking out our podcast! Hopefully we are doing a great job filling you in with all things MTG. We always appreciate any feedback so we can keep improving!

LINKS Standard Challenge, Commander bans and rules update, New Secret Lair, JPN cards missing from Collector Boosters, Make-A-Wish and WoTC, TCGPlayer Unionize, More TCGPlayer news,


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We talk about the State of Arena and SCG sets price for Secret Lair Fetchland

Episode Notes

We have a lot to touch on with this months State of Arena. A couple highlights here; 8 person draft, Mac OS getting closer to being done, Arena for mobile 2020. Also, SCG sets price for Secret Lair Fetchland and......o it expensive. Thank you for joining us another week as bring you all the news in Magic:The Gathering. Please hit us up with feedback so we can improve the show.

LINKS State of Arena, Secret Lair price revealed by SCG,


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Our First Bonus show!

JB, Danny and I talk about cards that interested us that were spoiled from Ikoria

Episode Notes

HEY! How is everyone? Here we are recording a Set Interest show for the first time. We hope to keep doing this! We used as our source of cards. Let us know what you thought of this episode and if there is anything we can do to improve

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#31 -Wizards put a meme in a Magic card!!

There are new secret lairs, loads of Ikoria spoilers with some cool reprints.

Episode Notes

Hey, hi, how's it going? Gonna change things up in description as well! Covering some news and touched a bit on spoilers. Check out the links for all the stuff we talked about today. Thank you for listening and checking out things down here. Remember to share with all the Magic people you know. LINKS Blogatog, Secret Lairs, Spoilers! Spacegodzilla, Mechanics, AMA for Mutate, Professor interview DECK OF THE WEEK Azorius Myth Realized

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#30 -Corona Chaos

When is it going to end?! No one knows, but we do know what is happening This Week In MTG!

Episode Notes

With all of this chaos that the Covid-19 is causing. This week on This Week In MTG, we dive into the changes that are happening in our beloved MTG Communities. We got changes in events (or how they're going to be played), early look at the new ebook, Spoilers, Challenger Decks, & how to get involved in playing MTGO. We're also going to be talking about the changes that are happening to how the release of Ikoria is going to happen. * LINKS MaRo, MTG Arena Upcoming Events, Ikoria Ebook, Playmat Art Spoiler, Challenger Decks, MTGO, Ikoria Release Dates, Weekly Winners, TCGSniper * DECK OF THE WEEK If a Tree Falls Down, Does it Still Echo? * Find out more at * Follow us on our social media platforms Facebook & Twitter

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#29 -Gavin Verhey is Such a Boss

FNM at Home, MagicFest Online, Ikoria hints from Gavin and MaRo

Episode Notes

Getting a little late as I edit this. Please check the links and thank you for listening!

LINKS Gavin Verhey, MaRo, WPNQ changes, FNM at home, plus MagicFest Online and Bundles

DECK OF THE WEEK Narset Enchantments

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