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5/19/21 2:42 AM

Episode 88: MPL Ending

Organized Play Updates, Big Box Stores to Stop Selling Cards

5/12/21 3:10 AM

Episode 87: The Modern Realm

Summer of Legends, MH2, In-Store Play

5/5/21 2:24 AM

Episode 86: Bacon of Creation

Post Malone, Hasbro Q1 Earnings, Seb McKinnon Kickstarter

4/28/21 3:41 AM

Episode 85: All Joking, All the Time w/Trent

Dr. Lair's Secretorium, MTGO and MTGA, Channel Fireball

4/21/21 4:12 AM

Episode 84: The Short Bogle and Mr. Beast

Mr. Beast Challenge, MTGO and Arena updates, No more Early Access

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