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1/20/21 3:48 AM

Episode 72: Black Lotus Math is Hard

In-Store Play Update, PSA Black Lotus, CFB Merger

1/13/21 3:45 AM

Episode 71: Frames Like a Midwest Window

Kaldheim talk, Black Lotus Sale, Arena on Mobile

1/6/21 5:59 AM

Episode 70: The Bogle and His Bus

Time Spiral, Kaldheim Spoilers coming soon, Pro Calendar.

1/3/21 1:45 AM

Talking to Sozos and Jason of Planeswalker

We interview the members of Planeswalker, a Magic power metal band

12/30/20 10:46 AM

Episode 69: The Noice Episode

Judge Promos, Oath Breaking from 2020

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