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12/9/20 3:45 AM

Episode 66: The Church of This Week

SpellTable charging? Clothing Collab and SL-UE2

12/2/20 4:03 AM

Episode 65: A Pie, A Giveaway and Some Metal

Secretversary, Delver Lens, Deck of the Week

11/25/20 3:35 AM

Episode 64: This Week in ASMR: The Sassy Bogle

New Secret Lair, Jeweled Lotus, PlayEDH update

11/22/20 12:00 AM

Interview with Moxfield

We talk with Harry and John of Moxfield

11/18/20 3:30 AM

Episode 63: Bob Ross and Happy Times

CFB Clash, Guay Kickstarter, Bob Ross Lands

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