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This Summer in MTG


A charity event to benefit

We at This Week in MTG are interested in giving back to the Magic Community in some capacity. We came up the idea of hosting a summer event to benefit whos goal is to help teach kids to play Magic: The Gathering and give them access to cards and supplies. Go check out their website for their mission statement.

Our goal for This Summer in MTG event is to collect $1,000 and 1,000,000 cards all for MagiKids! If you want to enter in the Double Master events, for every 1,000 bulk cards brought in to donate will reduce the cost of the 2HG event by $5 up to $20!

DATE: Saturday July 9th starting at 11:00am at JWW Sports Cards & Gaming. Click the link to see the Facebook event to add to your calendar!

Here is the set up for This Summer in MTG.

  • One event is Double Masters 2 2HG Sealed. $70 per person
  • Double Masters Booster Drafts $45
  • Another event will be Oathbreaker Pods
  • Tables for kids to learn how to play Magic: The Gathering
  • Multiple raffles with booster packs, playmats, precons, etc.
  • Donation station to drop off cards
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