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Episode 30: Corona Chaos

When is it going to end?! No one knows, but we do know what is happening This Week In MTG!

3/31/20 11:00 AM

Episode Notes

With all of this chaos that the Covid-19 is causing. This week on This Week In MTG, we dive into the changes that are happening in our beloved MTG Communities. We got changes in events (or how they're going to be played), early look at the new ebook, Spoilers, Challenger Decks, & how to get involved in playing MTGO. We're also going to be talking about the changes that are happening to how the release of Ikoria is going to happen. LINKS MaRo, MTG Arena Upcoming Events, Ikoria Ebook, Playmat Art Spoiler, Challenger Decks, MTGO, Ikoria Release Dates, Weekly Winners, TCGSniper DECK OF THE WEEK If a Tree Falls Down, Does it Still Echo? Find out more at Follow us on our social media platforms Facebook & Twitter

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