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Episode 34: Doom Your Depths

No more Planeswalker points, Gyruda fixed

4/28/20 11:30 AM

Episode 34 Show Notes

Another week, another episode! To start this off, please forgive the mic moving noises, Danny had a hard time with touching it. With that, thank you for joining us today. We had a bit more fun recording this one and hopefully you enjoyed this one. We appreciate any and all forms of feedback, so send some our way! Or send in an email to ask a question or make a comment. Go give JB a follow on the socials and make him post more! Thank you all for listening.


Big Nick's Legacy event

Gyruda MTGO fixed (read some these comments)

Manatraders tournament,

Official Godzilla Lands

Planeswalker Points Sunsetting

MTGStocks, TCGSniper


Danny's Life Gain




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