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3/3/21 5:00 AM

Episode 78: Universes Beyond!

Universes Beyond, LoTR and Warmhammer 40k

2/24/21 5:09 AM

Episode 77: Strixhaven Sneak Peek

Time Spiral Remastered, Strixhaven, New clothing

2/17/21 5:55 AM

Episode 76: B&R Updates with Stu Somers

B&R Updates, Planeswalker Kickstarter, TCGPlayer POS

2/15/21 3:00 PM

Planeswalker Kickestarter!

We talk again with Sozos and Jason about their new Kickstarter

2/10/21 3:58 AM

Episode 75: Matt is Calling a Kellogs and Magic Crossover

New Secret Lair, Hasbro Earnings, Bundle Spin Down

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